Friday, August 12, 2022

Agent Query for YA Climate Novel MOURNING DOVE

Dear Ms. <AgentInThePictureAtLeft>,

Will climate change cause all humans to die? If only a few survive, will they forget how to read and write, or even count past ten? Will they kill others to stay alive? Can they rebuild civilization? Read the answers in MOURNING DOVE.

Jen’s great grandfather spat on the fortune his family made from fossil fuels. His son, Jen’s Grandpa, became a climate rocket scientist. Jen’s Mom, a climate biologist, worked with him in their climate station home in Alaska. But supplies have run out. Did they save the remnants of humankind from extinction? Or did they fail? On the day before Jen’s sixteenth birthday, Mom died in a climate-caused weather disaster.

As Mom’s body was lowered into the ground, Jen vowed to Mom’s soul that she would fulfill what had been their joint mission. She would lead their family on a journey to Antarctica to join a colony trying to restore civilization. That colony was built by Grandpa’s cousins. But Grams refused Jen’s mission to join a colony built with evil money by evil people who may have killed all life on the only planet alive in the universe. Dad refused to go if his mother would not. To rebuild the world, Grandpa would forgive the descendants of his evil family. But family would be the least of Jen’s problems. They would have to get past more climate disasters and incredibly desperate murderous people. Would Jen or any of her family survive and reach Antartica?

As research for writing MOURNING DOVE, I read more than 100 climate-change books, mostly about climate science. I connected on social media with 36,000 climate scientists, activists, and other climate professionals, and I communicate with many of them. To my own surprise, I've become a recognized climate change expert. I have used climate-related podcasts, writings, and even a speaking engagement to promote MOURNING DOVE well before I even started to send queries. I intend to be doing far, far more. Concerning my writing skills, Ballantine Books published my novella "Oceans Away" in Stellar Short Novels. I ghosted for U.S. Senator Paula Hawkins, and my op-eds appeared under her name throughout the United States. Several of my articles were published in national journals, and I will be featured in a climate documentary. On Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, I have 65,000 connections following MOURNING DOVE. Some are stunningly famous and I will ask them for cover blurbs. My author page has had 100,000 hits and my blog 10,000.

I am querying you because you represent Young Adult fiction, and you express interest in Nature/Ecology non-fiction. MOURNING DOVE is 81,000 words. This is a multiple submission. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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