Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Climate Change Is Simple and Will Probably Be an Easier Fix than COVID Was. NOT!

I am preaching to the choir. Most people reading these words have some idea how complex climate change is and how difficult it will be to mitigate. Those not in the choir? This is how they think: 

“Wildfires? Rain-soaking hurricanes? Droughts? Who cares whether it’s all man-made or not? How to fix it? Someone a lot smarter than me will figure it out, just like they came up with the coronavirus vaccine. After enough people die, the Government will put money into it and scientists will solve it in no time.” 

We need the average person to understand just how complex climate change is. It’s not just 97 climate scientists who “believe in” global warming. Planting a trillion trees is nice but it’s complicated: think forest fires and tree blight. Even if successful, the amount of improvement from so many trees is more than offset by the amount of carbon we put into the air. Even switching to electric cars is complicated: think coal-fired power plants providing electricity for the cars. 

I put together the chart shown above to help others realize some of the complexities of the climate issue. Forgive the pun, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The list could be much bigger and more complex. There are people in such diverse fields as economics, law, agriculture, and many others all fighting to keep Earth a living planet. A better understanding of the complexity and diversity of the climate battle may help, at least a little. 

So, members of the choir, use this graphic or the information in it to show the average person that climate change is too complex for easy fixes. Climate disaster can be stopped. But to do so requires climate attorneys, climate investors, climate journalists, as well as farmers, politicians, and, of course, climate scientists to beat this thing. Everyone should do something. The most important thing everyone can do is vote. Vote for candidates who have learned how complex climate change is and know the many variables that must be adjusted to beat this thing. And we can beat it.

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