Thursday, December 15, 2022

The Climate Ostrich

If We Remain Climate Ostriches, Billions of Our Children May Die

Real ostriches dig holes in the sand and occasionally put their heads into the holes. They do it not to hide from danger but to protect their progeny, the future of their species. They lay their eggs into the holes to keep them safe and put their heads into the holes to care for the eggs.

Climate ostriches are not real ostriches but humans like you and me, who bury our heads in the sand so we don’t have to think about or see the effects of climate change. Most of us are climate ostriches who would rather not worry about the deaths of our progeny, the possible extinction of our species.

Why Are We Climate Ostriches?

I’ve asked this question to a lot of people. One of the best answers was from a retired CIA spy (really and truly) who happens to have a degree in geology. He said, “Of course I know that disasters such as wildfires, floods, hurricanes, droughts are getting worse and happening with increasing frequency and intensity. But I don’t know whether that’s human caused or what to do about it. Nor do I want to know. Scientists and Government decision makers who understand this better than I do will fix it. I don’t want to think about it. It’s too depressing.”

I’ve also asked this question to literary agents, cybersecurity experts, salespeople, and even an attorney who spent nine years in jail for child molestation (again, really and truly). They said things like, “I’m too busy trying to keep a roof over my head, food on the table, and taking care of my family. I don’t have time to read what scientists say, and I was never good at science anyway. Will my not eating meat or making my home uncomfortably hot or cold to save energy keep people from dying? I can’t see how. It doesn’t make sense. Somebody else will figure it all out and take care of it. That’s how things always work. I’d rather not deal with it. Stopping climate change is not for me.”

Can Experts Prevent Disaster If We Keep Our Heads in the Sand?

No, not quickly enough! If most of us keep our heads in the sand, billions will die. We know we must reduce the carbon we put into the atmosphere and remove the carbon that’s already there. We know every second we delay will cause more and more people to die from wildfires, droughts, hurricanes, floods and other climate-related disasters. If we delay long enough (years rather than seconds), many, many people will die not just from these disasters but also from starvation as drought and heat damage world agriculture, from cities washed away by sea-level rise, from diseases caused by vector migration, from the death of the phytoplankton that makes most of our oxygen, or simply from heat stroke.

Yet we continue to delay. Why? Because even those in power are climate ostriches. Dr. James E. Hansen testified about the climate disasters to the U.S. Congress and Presidents, and even Chinese leaders starting in the 1980s, but they kept their heads in the sand. He still speaks to them, and he’s been joined by thousands of other climate scientists all telling of the climate tragedies we can prevent. But we’re not preventing them. Those who can prevent them remain climate ostriches.

Because of climate ostriches, we keep increasing the amount of carbon we put into the atmosphere. We do almost no drawing it out of the atmosphere. The temperatures keep rising, and more and more people die.

If Climate Ostriches Quickly Go Extinct, Can We Mitigate Climate Disaster?

Yes! We know how to stop putting carbon into the atmosphere and how to remove carbon that’s already there. We’re doing some of it already but not enough and not fast enough. We are still increasing the carbon we put into the air and removing very little.

So how do we mitigate climate disaster? How do we stop being climate ostriches? We pull our heads out of the sand and become friendly: climate friendly. What does climate friendly mean? I have four things in mind:

1.   Vote climate friendly: vote for climate-friendly candidates; vote against climate ostriches

a.     This will change Government funding concerning the climate. If done well, it will not increase taxes but will move money from climate destroyers to climate savers.

b.     It will change Government legislation to encourage citizens, industrialists, and investors to help fix the climate.

c.      It also will increase the number of climate-friendly judges, so judicial decisions will help fix the climate and not hurt it.

2.     Buy climate friendly products. We switched from boxy TVs and computer displays to flat panels incredibly quickly. The same was with pay phones to cell phones and with horses to cars. Purchasing power is incredibly strong. We need to buy climate-friendly, such as:

  a.   Buy homes with solar panels and heat pumps

  b.   Buy electric cars

  c.   Buy food from climate-friendly companies (Lipton, Mars, and General Mills purchase from farmers using methods that pull carbon out of the air)

3.      Invest in climate friendly corporations/financial firms (ask your 401K/financial advisors for ESG)

4.      Be friendly. Talk to your friends and neighbors about climate. Persuade them not to be climate ostriches.

How Do We Persuade Climate Ostriches to Take Their Heads Out of the Sand?

Sigmund Freud and his sister married a brother and sister (really and truly once more). Freud’s double nephew, Edward Bernays, made use of Freud’s ideas to become the undisputed father of public relations, the techniques and methodology of persuading large numbers of people.

Scientists use technical terms like ppm, degrees Celsius, and CO2. These have nothing to do with Freudian desires and are boring with no persuasive value. Note they were not used in this article. Caring for progeny and the future of one’s species are Freudian desires but less strong than sex. The same is true for friendship and our fascination with interesting animals such as the Ostrich. Prose text articles are limited in the use of Bernays persuasion techniques. That is where art comes into play.

Harriet Beecher Stowe predated Bernays, but her UNCLE TOM’S CABIN used the same techniques he described. That is why her book played a role in ending slavery in the United States. (Abraham Lincoln is reported to have said to Stowe, “So you’re the lady who started this great war”). I am using the same techniques in my novel, MOURNING DOVE, to persuade climate ostriches to take their heads out of the sand and help mitigate climate disaster. Having readers identify with characters who experience Freudian sexuality, love, ecstasy, and even mourning can be very persuasive. Many novels have changed the world: GRAPES OF WRATH, 1984, THE JUNGLE, THE GULAG ARCHIPELAGO, and many others. I am trying to do the same.

We need other artwork incorporating Bernays techniques for persuasion. Bob Dylan’s music helped persuade the U.S. to end the Vietnam War. The movie TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD fought Jim Crow America. Picasso’s Guernica is a powerful anti-war work of art. Picasso once even went so far as to declare, “Painting is not made to decorate apartments; it is an offensive and defensive instrument of war against the enemy.”

It takes a lot to pull the heads of millions of climate ostriches out of the sand. If you are a great artist and can use the techniques of Edward Bernays, we need you.

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