Sunday, July 21, 2019

Greenhouse Gags

Greenhouse Gags

As global warming can have such dire consequences, we need humor to deal with it. So here are a few dumb jokes.
  • What’s the next creature to go extinct? Snowmen.
  • The industry of the future for the next remake of The Graduate? Air conditioning. 
  • Look at the good side, Greenland’s finally going to be green. 
  • The romance between the planets Mars and Venus is in trouble. Their neighbor, Earth, is getting really hot. Earth’s changing albedo is affecting Mars’s libido. Astronomers have determined that something on Mars is rising and it’s not the sea level. 
  • Maybe we’ll get to see what penguins wear under their tuxedos; they’ll have to take them off in the heat.
  • LSD guru Timothy Leary is smiling in his grave. Even the oceans are doing acid. 
  • Calving glaciers are affecting the ocean food chain. The great white whale today is eating ice burgers. 
  • To stop greenhouse gas, we need to put up a sign: no farting in the arboretum. 
  • Skinny dippers can now swim in the Arctic. They call themselves polar bares. 
  • There’s talk of covering the Antarctic, during the midnight-sun summer, with a new photovoltaic film to provide electricity. They’re calling that South polar solar. 
  • In the Garden of Eden, Adam’s Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) car is melting. God’s replacing it with an electric vehicle (EV).
  • Have you heard about the Trump-brand fortune cookie? The message always reads, “Climate change really is a Chinese hoax.”
  • What wind farm sets the record for the least amount of power? The Senate Democratic Caucus.

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  1. “We may need to solve some problems not by removing the cause but by designing the way forward - even if the cause remains in place.” ~ Edward de Bono

    The term “problem solving” implies that there is a single problem to respond to, and that it can be resolved. That doesn’t take into account situations where there is really no problem at all or where a large and/or complex problem exists that cannot be completely resolved no matter what is done (like global warming and climate change) and other situations where many problems exist that could all be dealt with at once but progress is being stalled because many still perceive themselves to be benefitting from the old order. ~Les Blevins

    1. Les, I agree. Mitigating the climate crisis needs humor, passion, fear, scientific genius, muscles, technological innovation, and a lot more. I'm using the skills I have. We all need to.