Sunday, March 31, 2019

Warrior Battling Global Warming
I’m a soldier in the war against global warming. I am a wordslinger. My weapons are words. As a novelist, I aim for hearts, and I hope to pierce millions. Words can pull at heart-strings. (Pull at Brain-strings? There’s a reason that metaphor doesn’t exist.)
Abraham Lincoln said to Harriet Beecher Stowe, “So you are the little woman who wrote the book that started this great war.” The story is apocryphal; When Lincoln met Stowe, he may not have used that sentence. However, it is very believable. Stowe’s novel, UNCLE TOM’S CABIN, persuaded many people to fight against slavery. Her words may have been more powerful than all the weapons of Robert E. Lee and the Confederacy. How could this be? Her angelic little girl character, Eva, dies with love for the black slave Uncle Tom. Then Tom is murdered, terribly, by an evil slave master. Stowe’s words drew forth emotions. It brought readers to tears. Touching hearts persuades far better than ideas penetrating brains. She touched hearts.
My novel, MOURNING DOVE, will be the UNCLE TOM’S CABIN in the war against global warming. It will pull at heartstrings. Readers will cry, but they also will laugh, and even cheer, shouting “Yes!” and throwing fists in the air after several scenes. It will persuade people to fight against shooting greenhouse gasses up and fight for drawing them down. The war against global warming will be large. MOURNING DOVE will play only one small part. But it will help toward cooling the world and healing it.
In writing MOURNING DOVE, I’ve done a tremendous amount of research. I’ve read more than 70 books related to global warming. I’ve connected with scientists across the globe, asked them questions, and read scientific journal articles they recommended. To help fight global warming, I need to share the results of my research, as well as my thoughts concerning it. As a novelist, I think in scenarios, and scenario planning is a major tactical tool militaries use today.
My battle tactics:
1.  Write a powerful novel that will change hearts. MOURNING DOVE currently is 99.99% complete (81,000 words). Novels speak for themselves. I will say no more about it here.
2.  Build a social media network. Currently: 28,000 LinkedIn connections, 4,600 Facebook friends, and 1,500 Twitter followers. Most of these are climate scientists, climate activists, climate writers, with a smattering of literary agents and major publishing company editors. I belong to LinkedIn and Facebook global warming, scientific, or publishing groups. Some of these groups have as many as 750,000 members. I also have a website and a blog, which combined have been seen by over 100,000 people. I also have spoken to a high school, appeared on five podcasts, and been filmed for a Netflix documentary (still in development).
3.  Write articles to post to these groups. I have thirty-three completed, so far. These are based on what I learned researching MOURNING DOVE. That gave me ideas how to save civilization from global warming. I need to spread these ideas. These articles are written to be thought-provoking, poignant, and/or funny to persuade others to join the fight, but also with the hope that they “go viral.”
4.  Use the social media following to acquire the world’s best literary agent for MOURNING DOVE. Get the best publishing companies throughout the world to print it, distribute it, and market it to millions.
5.  MOURNING DOVE will persuade the world to stop global warming and keep the planet with a climate that sustains life as we know it.

Please help me in my personal war against global warming. Friend me on Facebook, Follow me on Twitter, and connect with me on LinkedIn. I am writing a powerful global warming novel. I need a great publishing company to market it and print a lot of copies. Publishers look at an author's social media numbers as a sign of potential buyers. So please Friend me, Follow me, and Connect with me. Consider it as doing a small part in saving humanity from the ravages of global warming. Thanks.

Shawn Oueinsteen     

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